Which Browser is Better Firefox or Internet Explorer?


Many people ask me which browser is better, Firefox or Internet Explorer. There are so many differences between the two its really hard to decide which one is better. So today I am going to mention some main features that are important to have a good browser.
Default look


Firefox has a nice, sleek style with a very nice searching tool bar at the top right of the browser. The browser can search with different engines such as google, yahoo, wikipedia, etc. It also has a bookmark toolbar that you can setup for your favorite websites to be just one click away. It can also support many browser tabs at one time, allowing you to surf different websites at one time without having the hassle of having all the open windows that make your desktop look messy.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer has a good looking display, also they have tabs like firefox. It also has a live RRS feed button to make it easy to get the latest news instantly on your computer. It also has a search toolbar at the top right like firefox does, the only thing though is it only uses the msn search engine as default, but you have to go through some configurations to make it search other search engine websites.


Firefox: Firefox has a lot of great things that can keep you safe while you browse the web. Not only does firefox do a good job of keeping unwanted viruses off on your computer alone, but the addons for firefox is what really makes Firefox shine over Internet Explorer. Their addons take security to a new level with Noscript, which blocks all JavaScript, Java (and other plugins) from all sites unless you allow it.
Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer has features like pop up blockers and phishing filters that can keep you safe. Really though, there isn’t anything that IE has security wise that Firefox doesnt have.
I used a benchmark test called Peacekeeper to test the speeds of these two browsers. As you can clearly see, Firefox 2.12 times faster thank Internet Explorer

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Firefox: One thing that makes Firefox so customizable is its open-source code and its community of people trying to make it better. With the 1000s of Addons there are many ways to separate your browser from everyone else. You can remove Google spam. You can adjust the way your fonts are shown. You can watch the current weather forecast. Firefox’s extensions manager lets you see what items you’ve installed and you can remove them with just a few clicks.
Internet Explorer: There are also many ways to customize your IE browser with addons. However, IE is not a open-source program which makes customizing it difficult and there isn’t really much that you can do customization wise.
With the information I would have to conclude that Firefox is the better browser. It really depends on what you are more comfortable with though. That is why there is so much controversy about what is the better browser. So explore both of these browsers and make your choice on which browser you like the most.

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